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Our Mission and Vision

At Mindful Montessori School, we continuously strive to offer a unique learning experience by following the principles of Maria Montessori. Our approach begins with a fundamental respect, love, and belief in the child. We view this critical period of childhood education as a partnership between the child, the parents, and the Mindful Montessori School. Here, the development of academics, motor skill development, and Montessori education are offered in a beautiful carefully prepared environment designed to balance freedom and structure. Our vision is to create a peaceful, child centered space in which the children can reach their full potential. Our goal is to encourage the development of each child with the specific purpose of allowing him or her to become:

A joyful learner with a dynamic personality

A creative thinker who finds happiness through self-achievement and who strives to treat others with kindness

Self-reliant, responsible and independent

An intelligent and active explorer with the discipline to overcome obstacles with confidence and imagination

Maria Montessori, born in 1870, was the first woman in Italy to receive a medical degree. She worked in the fields of psychiatry, education, and anthropology. She believed that each child is born with a unique potential to be revealed, rather than as a "blank slate" waiting to be written upon. She worked initially with children with disabilities and then expanded her educational methods to all children. Her method consisted of providing the children with an environment in which they can learn and explore. One of her famous quotes is “The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if I did not exist.'"

The Montessori Method

"Mrs. Masri has worked with my children for more than five years. There is no one more compassionate or more patient. She creates an incredibly calm and comfortable environment in which the children are excited and eager to learn. Thanks to Mrs. Masri, my children absolutely love school!"

—Karen G.
"We absolutely love Mindful Montessori.  My Child has been attending the school for a couple of months now and he is so happy and eager to go there every day.  It has a very homey feeling, great curriculum, great teachers, and excellent communications with the parents, which exceeded my expectations." 

- Jolita L.
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