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Our Program

At Mindful Montessori School, we continuously strive to offer a unique learning experience by following the principles of Maria Montessori. Our approach begins with a fundamental respect, love, and belief in the child. We view this critical period of childhood education as a partnership between the child, the parents, and the Mindful Montessori School. Here, the development of academics, motor skill development, and Montessori education are offered in a beautiful carefully prepared environment designed to balance freedom and structure.


Primary Program

We welcome children between the ages of two and a half to six years old in our Primary classroom. We start school promptly at 8:45 am and offer both a half day and full day program. Our head teachers are Montessori certified and each classroom has an assistant teacher.


Before and After Care

We are pleased to offer an on-site Before and After Care Program to assist families who require extended care for their children in a home-style environment that follows Montessori philosophy. 

We offer care from 

7:30 am to 8:45 am


3:00 pm to 4:30 pm 


Summer Camp

Please contact us for our summer camp starting on July 2nd!

"I do not know how they do it, but Mrs. Masri and Mrs. Elmini know how to create an environment where children can be excited about learning. Perhaps they teach the child how to learn instead of just teaching them the material. They pay great attention and tailor individual learning plans for each child while providing a nurturing and loving environment.We are grateful to have the Mindful Montessori team involved in the early learning careers of our children. We are confident that they are helping to set the stage for future academic excellence. They are true professionals with an undeniable talent for developing the minds and souls of our little ones. We would follow them anywhere!"   

-Akiko V.

"Mindful Montessori offers a nurturing and loving environment for their students. It has been a great experience to deal with the staff at MM. They are very responsive, organized, attentive and have many years of Montessori experience. My son is very happy and thriving in this environment, he has made great friends and has learnt so much since the beginning of the school year, he is already reading at 4yo and is eager to learn more.

I love receiving the daily updates/photos of the kids activities. The teachers have done an amazing job instilling kindness in the kids, they are teaching them what truly is important in our society."

-Gabriela G.

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