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Parent Testimonials

“If you are looking for a loving, caring, and calm environment for your child, Mindful Montessori is it. Our daughter truly loves going to school every day and talks about it when she’s not there. The teachers are fantastic and the learning and development achieved has been apparent. Thank you Mindful Montessori!” 


-Lisa R.

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"Mindful Montessori offers a nurturing and loving environment for their students. It has been a great experience to deal with the staff at MM. They are very responsive, organized, attentive and have many years of Montessori experience. My son is very happy and thriving in this environment, he has made great friends and has learnt so much since the beginning of the school year, he is already reading at 4yo and is eager to learn more.

I love receiving the daily updates/photos of the kids activities. The teachers have done an amazing job instilling kindness in the kids, they are teaching them what truly is important in our society."


-Gabriela G.


"As founding members of Mindful Montessori, we cannot recommend it enough. The teachers are excellent professionals and do care about the development of each one of the kids as single individuals. They are very responsive and constantly provide feedback about positive behaviors as well as areas that could be reinforced.

Since joining Mindful Montessori, our son has developed a great level of independence and acquired manners that perfectly complement the principles we encourage in him as a family.

We are signing-up our son for their summer program and the next school years before sending him off to pre-K." 


-Mauricio C.


"Our daughter has been going to Mindful Montessori since it opened it’s doors in 2021. We love the Montessori philosophy and have been implementing it at home since our daughter was 10 months, therefore It was very important for us to find a true Montessori school. The teachers at Mindful Montessori are trained to implement the program, from practical life, (squeezing juice to develop fine motor skills, “push work”) language, math, to art. Our daughter has the freedom to choose the work that interests her whether it’s using scissors, coloring, learning letters sounds, etc., teaching her not just developing motor skills and basic academics as well as responsibility and independence. Our daughter loves going to school every day, she has made great friends there and adores her teachers. The beautiful holiday and Montessori b’day celebrations are something our daughter looks forward to. Her social and academic achievements bring great joy to us and we are so happy to have found such a wonderful school that contributes so much to her well rounded development. We love the monthly curriculums, weekly lessons, learning of geography, Spanish classes, and yoga, we are looking forward to seeing our daughter continue to grow at Mindful Montessori." 


-Katherine F.


"We absolutely love Mindful Montessori.  My Child has been attending the school for a couple of months now and he is so happy and eager to go there every day.  It has a very homey feeling, great curriculum, great teachers, and excellent communications with the parents, which exceeded my expectations."


-Jolita L.


"This was the best decision we made for our child!

The teachers are highly trained, super skilled, and most importantly loving and caring.  They truly want what is best for their students, and their investment in their students is unwavering and endless.   Such a wonderful little school, our kid Loves, Loves, Loves It!"   


-Rebekka S.


"Truly a child whisperer! 

 At their previous location, the team at Mindful Montessori had my son reading by the age of four. He is now finishing 3rd grade and thanks to their early tutelage, has been excelling academically ever since!
After a lost year with the pandemic, and Mrs. Masri opening a new school that is 30 minutes away from my home, we enrolled my daughter in a local school for her final year of preschool in Fall 2021. We quickly became concerned after a few months of minimal progress with reading and general lack of enthusiasm for learning. With kindergarten only several months away, we decided to follow the Mindful Montessori team to their new location, despite the longer drive. We enrolled my daughter in January 2022 and within a few short weeks, my daughter is eagerly reading, and we have seen a drastic improvement in her engagement!

I do not know how they do it, but Mrs. Masri and Mrs. Elmini know how to create an environment where children can be excited about learning. Perhaps they teach the child how to learn instead of just teaching them the material. They pay great attention and tailor individual learning plans for each child while providing a nurturing and loving environment.
We are grateful to have the Mindful Montessori team involved in the early learning careers of our children. We are confident that they are helping to set the stage for future academic excellence. They are true professionals with an undeniable talent for developing the minds and souls of our little ones. We would follow them anywhere!"   


-Akiko V.

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