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Lina Masri Founder & Director

Lina has over fifteen years experience teaching and directing Montessori schools in North America and Europe.  She started her Montessori career teaching at Richmond Hill Montessori School in Toronto, Canada and has since taught and directed at the Lighthouse Montessori Nursery in Oxford, England; Papillion Montessori Nursery in Ringwood, NJ; Monarch Montessori School in Little Falls, NJ; and Young World Day School in Mahwah NJ where she has been the Director of Montessori for five years. 

  • AMI Montessori Certification (Centre for Guided Montessori Studies, Sarasota, Florida)

  • Masters of Arts in Teaching (Montclair State University). Dual certification in P-3 and Teacher of Students with Disabilities. (December, 2015)

  • Alternate Route Program for P-3 Certification at Montclair State University (August,20113)

  • Montessori Certificate for the Infant Toddler Course from Montessori Centre International, London, England

  • Montessori Diploma for Children ages 0-6 from St Nicholas Training Centre, London, England

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Laura Elmini is a certified teacher holding a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Early Childhood Education. She taught Pre-K and Kindergarten in public school for 7 years and her classroom was a model classroom in her district. Laura has been teaching Montessori for the past six years and Montessori is her favorite approach to teaching young children as she also enjoyed watching her own children blossom in a Montessori program. Outside the classroom Laura prides herself on being Hannah and Jake’s #1 fan at horse shows and soccer games. This is Laura’s six year teaching Montessori and she taught with Mrs. Masri for five years.  

  • BA in Elementary Education, William Paterson University

  • Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education, William Paterson University.

  • Six years teaching Montessori

Laura Elmini Montessori Teacher
Kadoppi MindfulMontessoriOldTappan2021-4969.jpg

Veronica Cadoppi is certified in Early Childhood Education from Centro Andares in Madrid, Spain where she was trained by Elizabeth Fodor and Montserrat Moran, two renowned experts in the field. Most recently she has worked at Lindgren School & Summer Camp, and she is active in her town and school communities participating in PTA and having started a field hockey program for girls K-5 in River Vale. Veronica is originally from Argentina and has lived in Spain and the US for almost 20 years. She’s the mother of two children ages 9 and 12, one of which went to Montessori school through Kindergarten.

Veronica Cadoppi Montessori Assistant
"Mrs. Masri has worked with my children for more than five years. There is no one more compassionate or more patient. She creates an incredibly calm and comfortable environment in which the children are excited and eager to learn. Thanks to Mrs. Masri, my children absolutely love school!"
—Karen G.
"I highly recommend Mindful Montessori! The teachers are amazing, very knowledgeable and dedicated.  They offer a nurturing and very loving environment for the children.  My son is very happy there and he learned so much already in these past few months. They are truly wonderful!   "

—Gabriela G.

"Truly a child whisperer! 

 At their previous location, the team at Mindful Montessori had my son reading by the age of four. He is now finishing 3rd grade and thanks to their early tutelage, has been excelling academically ever since!
After a lost year with the pandemic, and Mrs. Masri opening a new school that is 30 minutes away from my home, we enrolled my daughter in a local school for her final year of preschool in Fall 2021. We quickly became concerned after a few months of minimal progress with reading and general lack of enthusiasm for learning. With kindergarten only several months away, we decided to follow the Mindful Montessori team to their new location, despite the longer drive. We enrolled my daughter in January 2022 and within a few short weeks, my daughter is eagerly reading, and we have seen a drastic improvement in her engagement!
I do not know how they do it, but Mrs. Masri and Mrs. Elmini know how to create an environment where children can be excited about learning. Perhaps they teach the child how to learn instead of just teaching them the material. They pay great attention and tailor individual learning plans for each child while providing a nurturing and loving environment.
We are grateful to have the Mindful Montessori team involved in the early learning careers of our children. We are confident that they are helping to set the stage for future academic excellence. They are true professionals with an undeniable talent for developing the minds and souls of our little ones. We would follow them anywhere!"

Akiko V.

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